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Bear Clan Farms Story


We started our farming business in 2016 with just a small coop and 12 chickens. At first we started farming for just our family to have fresh eggs but that quickly changed. We had friends and family ask if we had extra eggs and if so they would buy them. After selling a few dozen eggs to family and friends and hearing their amazing feedback of the quality of our eggs we knew we had a great product. We decided that we would turn our homestead idea into a farm business and Bear Clan Farms was born. We have been in business for 3 years and that has been possible due to our amazing customers and their loyalty to our products.

We now have over 125 chickens and 10 ducks that are all pasture raised and treated like family. Our business is small and slowly growing. We deliver our products to your front door or business for free in our service area. We never charge a fee for payments or our products. We love to give back in our community by donating to charity as well doing pay it forward campaigns for the holidays.



Tammy B.

Great experience have ordered twice. Customer service is on point and eggs are exceptional!! Best of all, they are delivered to our home!! Thank you for doing a great service for many families to enjoy! If you haven’t tried their eggs, do yourself a favor and try them!!

* Facebook Review Left On 8/29/2018

Sunny S.

Wow!  I really didn’t know I could be *that* impressed with an egg. Strong shells (with gorgeous vivid colors), and beautiful dark yolks scramble up to make the fluffiest, most delicious eggs ever I’ve had.   But the customer service is what will keep us ordering again and again. Prompt responses and delivery, kind, professional- the kind of small business that you just don’t find anymore. Bear Clan Farms is a gem!

* Facebook Review Left On 4/7/2018

Debby R.

The eggs are wonderful. So thick and creamy when scrambling them-looks like a pic from Gourmet magazine! Shawn now has a new customer!

* Facebook Review Left On 11/23/2017

Melissa M.

I met Shawn through a mutual friend and he offered up eggs. I had been buying Organic eggs from Fred Meyer and had been happy with them . I thought what the heck, I would give it a try. They were a little cheaper than what I was paying at the grocery store so what was there to lose.   WOW OH WOW!!!  I'm never going back! They are just like the eggs I had growing up. My kids call me a food snob but I appreciate REAL good.   I'm converted! !!

* Facebook Review Left On 11/14/2017

Tiffany A.

I think it is safe to say these are the best tasting eggs I have ever had in my life, the free delivery is a huge bonus as well. I don’t think I will ever buy eggs from the store again.

* Facebook Review Left On 11/2/2017

Matt O.

This guy is serious about his eggs and started this as a sustainable food source for his family. When someone is passionate and driven for other reasons than profit they will truly reach their goals and potential. I'm sold after the first interaction, received eggs minutes after the wash warm to the touch. Thanks again Shawn I'll be back and spread the word. You keep doing you.

* Facebook Review Left On 5/22/2017